I dreamt of Games I Own, Like and Hate last night. Except it was a mockery made by someone else, themed around cartoons instead, and lampooned my really old, crappy writings like My Top 10 Cartoons, so every other word was either "awesome" or "sucks" and just about everything in it was negative. It even threw in jabs against me inside the reviews! A part I distinctly remember from the ReBoot review was "the show was awesome until it went all dark and edgy and stupid, like that Metroid sprite sheet Ragey put up, then he took it down and when he put it back up it sucked!" Well, it came across funnier in the dream. =(

The weirdest thing of all was that it was a feature made by the RadioTimes, of all places. This This magazine and website that provides editorials, letters to the editor and the times for TV and radio programs went out of its way to "review" cartoons while also ridiculing a tiny, insignificant, non-profit website for no apparent reason. They even replaced the "Completed:" conclusion with my typical unnecessarily complicated style "Ragey's Watched Fully Rating Type:", which was usually among the lines of "saw a few episodes and it sucked." All this by the RadioTimes!

I couldn't help but find that hilarious, and I was actually sort of hoping it was real, but it wasn't. It's kind of impossible to reproduce since it covered so many cartoons and had a style that I simply couldn't imitate, but if it's ever possible to convert dreams to computer format, this would so totally go on the site. Save me from having to do any writing work!



So my PS2 kinda died. Yeah. It did, thanks to Swap Magic. Normally when something bad happens because of something I bought, I would recommend against getting it, but I'm sure the tool is heaps of fun with a flip-top lid mod or if you know how the hell the Slide Tool works, but I got to grips only when it began cramping up and refusing to open for me.

But no big deal since I got it a Slimline one. With two controllers! Including an official one!



Spider-Man 2 = a good movie!

Which is almost ironic as earlier today I was complaining to myself about some guy on a forum who keeps going on about Spider-Man being superior to everything, and me going "he's not that great." And then I watch the second movie and I'm relatively wowed, so I should keep on shutting up. What with the fact I haven't actually said anything to the person. Bit hard to shut up when you haven't opened shop eh wot wot

Also, the movie reminded me of how thin Tobey Maguire's lips are. Whoever's playing The Joker in the second Batman Begins movie, throw him out and get Tobey in his place, because seriously, it would either be the best decision ever or just look really stupid and make the movie a flop. Which I consider it anyway because I thought the first one was ridiculously overrated. Non-biased opinions in action here.



Apparently a shark was born asexually recently, according to the news, and naturally, my first thought on hearing this was "SHARK JESUS." I aimed to celebrate by putting Jabber Jaw on top of a painting of Big J, but would you believe it that I just couldn't find a good picture of the drumming bastard? Seriously.

On a topic of less interest, my next exam is on history, and one of the topics is the history of Northern Ireland, particularly the Troubles. This wouldn't be so bad if every resource I've looked at hadn't taken the simple, repetitive premise of "we disagree with politics so let's have a march -> riot -> we disagree with rioting so let's have a march -> riot -> repeat for a couple of decades only replace marches with bombings -> riots and bombings" and somehow stretched it into really long stretches of text that just don't really help in memorising anything. I can see all the bombings and crap, but the fact I'm supposed to remember every political step taken to stop the ruckus that all ended up pear-shaped is just a mite ridiculous. See, I'm biased and believe that if something didn't achieve anything, then there's no point in reading about it. The Cold War being an exception because it played out like a Monty Python sketch when reading about it.



Why is it that by simply adding red Japanese subtitles to the bottom of very paragraph, I feel my site suddenly looks a lot better?

Seriously, just browsing through my site with Yahoo! Japan's translate option on is a whole new experience! I should probably nag a few friends or strangers for some official translations on things, like MS:MIA and maybe the Super Shinobi 2 beta.

hint hint :]



So I just spent today ripping sprites from Pokémon Ranger, playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and saw The Mask for the first time in years. Totally productive! Additionally, it made me remember what a great film that is, and how when I first met the ambassador of funk, Aodhán Collins, Steve and I thought he was like the son of Jim Carrey. Seriously!


And now things have come full circle by Jim Carrey sporting a remarkable resemblance to Aodhán. What a world we live in!



I hate iSketch.

Well, actually, I really love it! It's the people who play it that I hate; which is ultimately the same way I feel about a lot of games. Mega Man, Metal Slug, Sonic, all those series I like but the communities I hate. It's a crying shame!

So whenever my internet is acting up, causing Halo and Kaillera to be laggy messes, iSketch is what Galvatron and I usually resort to. Just the two of us, it's tons of fun because we can essentially draw whatever, and then maybe at the last minute just spell it out what the obscure cartoon is; but when other people enter, all fun is lost. For example, in the Movies section, I was meant to draw out Gorky Road, which is just one example of how obscure the selections are. So I drew a nerd and a road and put a G next to the nerd in hopes they would interpret it as "dork" and then assume to replace the D with the G. Whoops, I was warned and my turn is taken from me because I used the alphabet! The alphabet is illegal you know. By 2010, all writing will be replaced with doodles and sign language.

After moving into the Cartoons section, I then had to draw Devlin, yet another show a whopping nobody knows about. While I delayed them with a picture of a baby karate kicking a builder, I googled the show and got an image, which I think I traced pretty well.


You'd never know the difference!


While people kept submitting The Simpsons and Futurama as their answer (haha what) I decided to lighten the confused mood and made good ol' Devlin say "what, me worry?"

Until I remembered of the alphabet being illegal, even though I only drew two letters and scribbled them out, I promptly lost my turn. The assholes smiled at their belief of justice while I decided I had enough of this. So I expressed my distaste not by boycotting iSketch or voicing my constructive criticism at those who warned me, but by writing this moody little blog entry. I'm in a huff! Rules are for dorks and Gorky Roads! >:(


Today's observation: I cannot draw human heads without them looking like either tomatoes deformed eggplants.