So Mario Party 8 screenshots were released recently. Can't say it's grabbed my interest in buying it, but...

Call me crazy, but I would much rather explore these locations than frickin' space. The canyon doesn't really have distinctive features, and the city is pretty mundane compared to a castle in the sky that you explore with flying carpets, but they're exactly the kind of places I would love to explore in a Mario game. The canyon has vastness and the city is bursting with personality.


Yeah, you can fly through space, which is bound to add vastness to the areas, but there's nothing really interesting about the land down there. No waterfalls or potential to go underground into the sewers or anything. Just paths and star-patterned eggs.


This area actually looks kinda cool but where the distinctive landmarks at

To summarise: I'm still not that interested in Super Mario Galaxy because I'm a stickler for tradition. =(



My views on today's Doctor Who episode in a nutshell. And also the fact that it's becoming a bit annoying having someone decide to reason with aliens and then get killed. It's nice to see that they've gone beyond the "aliens cannot be reasoned with and should be killed" train of thought, but the fact that the same frigging thing has been done three times now, all of them exactly the same where an attack is interrupted by the African American character who pleas for peace only to be zapped dead, it's a bit monotonous now.

Also it's presumable that the "you are not alone" line from the Face of Boe just refers to the sole Dalek remaining, which therefore makes all the "omg the master will return" conversations a bit moot and also makes the line even more redundant as the Doctor himself had already made comparisons to them both being the last in existence back in series 1, thus making this prophetical and cryptic speech just a tad pointless.

But then there's the possibility I have no idea what I'm talking about. Hooray!



So I was meant to be looking to see if I had anything I could upload that wasn't sprites, whether it be that twenty four chapter story I finished recently (get a fair bit of updates out of that!), a 3D Movie Maker movie that was semi-decent, ideas for a General Writing to start on or even artwork or something! Anything to prevent me from having to write yet another goddamned "Mario and Other sprite" as the update of the day!

But in the end, I ended up hearing abut Souptoys and making pointless, hilarious fun with the rag dolls and cannons. I've no idea if there are meant to be rules to it, but I love just slinging that skeleton all over the place and shooting the monster truck into some oblivious Weebles.

I'm so sorry. =(



I drew this while on the toilet. Proof that disposing of digested food stuffs temporarily robs you of imagination.

At least, I hope it's temporary. :{

Also I love at simply how terrible I am at drawing the Crocodile Man. I've never managed to get him as good as the first time. It must be all in the giant left leg that I keep excluding.



Today was uneventful. I miss excitement. =(

And just for shits, giggles and because I'm a biased bitch who isn't that fond of anime purely on principal, I visited the IMDb forum for Naruto.


<mary_hotel> one day ....... Naruto will end what i'm gone do ?

<Layil> Don't fret dolly. The world will end long before Naruto.
<enctv> That's a relief.

And then just a few threads under that...


<POPPrincessfairy> Should i watch those fillers? episodes 136-220 should i waste my time watching them?

<Crimson_Phantasm> No... that is... if you have nothing to do, and if you have all the time in the world... No. I recommend you not watching.


If a series takes almost a hundred episodes just for it to become "good" again, then I think that speaks for itself.

Which is sad, as I would almost like to get back into anime, but so many of them are utter crap, and they lack the "magic" of when we would watch them from videos borrowed from a friend of my dad's who I imagined got them from a shady drug-dealer looking guy, except I didn't know about drug dealers then, and this person would've worked in selling anime. Which is a bit sad for the whole drug dealer image, but when I was watching awesome stuff like Cyber City Oedo 808 and Ultimate Teacher, as well as less awesome stuff like Judge and Laughing Target, I couldn't really complain because you'd never see this on television. I mean, a high school girl getting her power from "velvet pussy panties"!

If for God knows what reason I got into anime production, I would totally work only on limited episode OVAs. Cyber City, in just three 45 minute episodes, manages to be a million times more awesome than most animes that have full series, such as Escaflowne, which I like to call "Building Up To Fights That Last Three Seconds." Actually I never call it that but I'm trying to be humourous on the internet here while talking about an incredibly nerdy subject.

So yeah, Cyber City and Cromartie High School are kind of the only animes I like, and that's sad.



So I won a Wario's Woods manual for 3.77 today. I might be crazy! Well, I was actually hoping it would have official artwork of the Vs. Com characters, because Lizardon! But I'm doubtful.

Also Sonic Rush Adventure has been announced with a few screenshots. Following tradition as a Sonic "fan" who judges things long before they're released, I can't say it looks appealing. Captain Whiskers looks badass, but the level designs look terrible, simply from the fact you can't actually see them. I see a loop and some giant mushrooms, but that's it. And unless they get back to Sonic Advance 1 gameplay, I sincerely doubt I'll even think of touching it. Special stages look decent, though!

Also I love how the Sonic community keeps judging the games by their themes. When Wildfire was announced, everyone was all "Arabian Nights? What the hell", and now they're all "pirates? What the hell", which kind of completely contradicts their "gameplay is most important" train of thought when they keep harping on about story and whatnot.



At the expense of missing out on today's episode of Harry Hill's TV Burp (which means a lot because it's the only reason I use a television for things other than games and DVDs) I saw the TMNT movie today. It was pretty good!

I admit before it started I was worried it wouldn't have the charm of the first movie, which is a bit of a moot point as I haven't seen the first movie in years, and the most I remember is Donatello saying "bossanova," a frequent phrase in my vocabulary now. Additionally, I had read Wes' review a while back, which complimented the visuals and darker story, but said "Animation aside, it was only slightly better than one of the ho-hum filler episodes from the 2K3 cartoon series. :(" Comparing a high budget movie to an episode of a Saturday morning cartoon is pretty damn diabolical, for lack of a better term, so I was turned off greatly by that.

But in the end, long story short, I quite enjoyed it! I do have to agree with Wes on certain points, such as the severe lack of Donatello and Michelangelo and how the bad guys are barely even called by name or given personality, but overall, it was pretty good. The CGI was easy to get used to, although the fact that April and Karai were pretty much popsicle sticks with breasts was a bit hard to look by.

Also, Mike uttering 'dude, it's the cops'? Strangely hilarious.

And naturally after I watch a good movie with spin-offs or a history behind it, I get pumped to see more of it, and in this case, to play the games. And it's only now I just realised that the only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games I have is Radical Rescue on some Game Boy multi-cart. I cannot believe that.


In other news, today's Doctor Who just proves that the crew apparently can't make anything new for their stories, as not only did it feature the return of the Face of Boe and the cat people (one of them played by Ardal O'Hanlon!), but the next episode features the Daleks. Again. As cool as they are, it kinda ruins their magic having them pop up all the time. We may as well have a Dalek host Dancing on Ice if they pop up in every possible time period.

Actually that'd be pretty badass. :{



After I started playing Spyro the Dragon again a few days ago, I completed it today. It's an odd little game, in the fact that none of the bosses are well pronounced. It was only when I reached the third one that I realised that there actually were bosses, and not just these levels that had mildly tougher enemies who give you lots of treasure upon defeat. And the final battle? I was expecting a second form. I would add a thought "maybe when I get 100%," but the game is a year away from being a decade old, so it's not like it'd be an amazing discovery, I could just look it up in a walkthrough.

I miss having actual interesting stuff to blog about. =(



I spent four hours writing a crappy semi-tutorial on sprite ripping that hopefully will lessen the number of questions I get asking about this and that.

And two hours after I finished, I was told someone had stolen some Mario & Luigi and Super Princess Peach rips

over at the Spriter's Resource. I would like to rant in great detail about this, explain how sprite ripping is one of those relaxing hobbies for me and the internet just adds a disgusting amount of drama into the mix for me to just hate the whole subject.

But today has just been sprites, sprites, sprites, sprites, sprites, and I'm sick to the teeth of talking about them.


[UPDATE] Drama is over! Dazz, the guy who runs tSR, noticed the theft and said he would remove it by the next update. What surprised me, though, was that he was thoroughly impressed by my rips, and asked for permission to replace the removals with them. And I, naturally, went overboard and pretty much gave him all of my Mario rips.