Today's observation: This is the fourth time I've almost put dog food in the dish washer. I blame accelerated senility.



A spur of the moment rant that would probably be made into a General Writing if it weren't for the fact I already did a rant about dissing games, and it probably killed the MSDB, which I'll refrain from making inappropriate comments on. :]

But yeah, I'd just like to ask why the Mega Man community has yet to do anything that's actually good. Planet Mega Man had music before it died a million times, Sprites Inc. had rips of decent quality before it decided everything should come from talentless forum members, and The Mega Man Network had mildly interesting game-related reading material before it became a news site, and by news, it means announcing GameFAQs character battle polls. The only one that's not good but immensely great is The Mega Man Home Page, because not only does it have content, and actually acknowledges the existence of the games and has information on them!


The Mega Man Knowledge Base has been around for a little over a year, and has yet to be in any way useful. The concept of a Mega Man Wiki sounds like it would at least be useful, but just about everything I've read in it I already know, and actually learning anything is hindered by the fact every article is ridiculously short and written in biased opinions, therefore completely negating Wikipedia's purpose of providing information in non-point-of-view. When the Homestar Runner Wiki people aren't whining that Strong Bad said "bra" and claiming the cartoon has GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME they still manage to write very well, even about those one-time gags you see for two seconds they write a meaty paragraph or two about.

They also cover the various cartoons, where the only thing I learnt was that everyone, not just Mega Man, looked truly horrendous in Captain N. They naturally cover the American cartoon, which I've also covered (I'm now reviewing the episodes! YOU LOOK NOW), but everything they have is either just a crude mutilation of what was already said at the MMHP, or new information with no sources for truth confirmation.


They have pages for all the episodes where there are highly prejudiced reviews ("Ouch, this one is almost as bad as that lion-man one.But it did make some cool plot things happen, so i guess it isnt all bad." is said about Bad Day at Peril Park), fun facts that are more along the lines of "hey check out this minor nag i have guys" ("Listen carefully to Roll when she says 'There's no way we can stop this thing without Dr. Light's help.' She sounds very Canadian."), and total lack of anything Wiki-worthy. Naturally, there's none of this for the Upon A Star or NT Warrior cartoons.

I was thinking of ranting this to them, except in kinder, simpler words, but I thought not. Wouldn't change a thing. And also because in the time I wrote this and rewrote it again to them I could've made an update that wasn't about sprites.



Time for Today's Ragey Cock-Up!
See, I have a SEGA Saturn, plus I'm a Bomberman fag, but I have yet to get Saturn Bomberman! I have Bomberman Wars, which is surprisingly fun, and Saturn Bomberman Fight!! which is okay! But I want Saturn Bomberman!

name smudged to protect the innocent

Oh look! There's a Japanese one with different boxart and even a multi-tap with it! For the Euro equivalent of 16! Rad! [bid]
After some minor cock-ups in paying, it's all sorted and dispatched! And it arrived in a day! Great!

Also where's the disc?
Uh oh! Where's the multi-tap?

There's the multi-tap! The advertisement for it! What a silly oaf I am! Oh well!



At least Saturn Bomberman is a very good game! I can't wait to play it on my very real Saturn and not the very-good-but-rather-slow SSF SEGA Saturn emulator which I highly recommend because it's a Saturn emulator that actually works!

Them good graphics.
Oh no! I bought the XBAND version, so not only can I not play the main game, but I can't play multi-player either since the XBAND service is long dead! What a bummer! At least Master Mode is fun and enjoyable!

It's actually rather fun, but honestly, I would've liked some warning before I found out that was all there was. Lack of information on the internet.
Crap! It just repeats the same level over and over again so I can perfect my score! That'll sure be fun!
Wait, shit! I spent 16 on this game that has one level! That'll teach me to spend two hours worrying to Galvatron about buying it before I decide to!

Exclamation marks aren't my thing!

And that's my story.

ps anyone wanna buy this for 2k monies plz seriously i have no intent to keep it



Although I'd preferably want him to have his own game.


In site news, it was only inevitable, but I'm working on a Bomberman site. Don't expect it any time soon.



Today's observations: Having a shower in the afternoon is strangely nicer than having one in the morning, PayPal is a bitch, although I've known about it for a long, long time, but PlayStation emulation desperately needs to stop being so clunky. If it let me play the game at its original resolution I could be content.