Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:52:49 -0400
Subject: Random Action Hour
From: "Jimmie Rivers" <>

My space


This is quite possibly the most exciting comment I've ever received.

And to make this of any purpose, probably some General Writings coming up soon.



Just a reminder that I've only one more Bomberman Tournament sprite left to put up, I want to write something that isn't a walkthrough but my ideas were rather critical of the fan gaming and fan character communities and that I've been playing Saturn Bomberman Fight!! and it's pretty good.



As I like to let everyone know, my attempts at contributing to sprite communities have usually ended in tears, but I do try to give back in some way that doesn't cause turmoil. The owners of The Sprite Database are fans of Metal Slug: Missing in Action, both for the content and revealing of how to easily rip stuff from MS5, so they were overjoyed with my submissions.

Lately, I've been submitting stuff to the Mario Fan Games Galaxy. It's not much and certainly can't compare with the Super Princess Peach rips (the ones that are actually good), but I guess it's something.

Of course, at MFGG everyone comments on every new piece of content, and someone named eternalskydragon has felt the need to remind everyone that he thinks that the map sprites for the GBC Mario Golf and Mario Tennis are awful looking, and then arguing with people who disagree. I've been looking at it constantly and even after a private pep talk over not force your opinions upon others, he still does it. It's humourous in an immature way.


But it got me thinking. Children are usually taught to watch their manners in public, wash their hands, eat their veggies, and all that crap they never follow through with until Jo Frost comes in and sorts things out. Is it just me, or is she significantly hotter with that extra weight? Because seriously. Anyway.

Why aren't children taught to know that the world doesn't revolve around them, and people that think differently from them aren't automatically wrong? It could prevent the "Billy hit me in the eye because he likes Masked Rider while I like VR Troopers so I hit him back" situation, as well as probably open up a child's relationships, expanding to those of vastly different tastes and not just those confined to sharing his or hers.


But then I remember I'm a person with big eyebrows who writes for a website involving insulting strangers in online games, making violent, senseless movies and being a big nerd. Getting involved in such politics isn't my business, and I'll stick to doing what I do best. Which is not getting past Round 93 in Wario's Woods.



Today's observations include avoid and evade being two entirely different words, and Lidl keeping the Vitamin C right next to the condoms.



<Blaze> Have you seen the new trailer?
<Ragey> I haven't.

So Blaze and I talked about the new trailer for that not-expanded-Sonic-Rush-special-stages game.

<Blaze> I still say the opening is funny
<Blaze> It's the kind of thing I've been waiting for
<Blaze> that dark tone, but still a nice side helping of humour
<Blaze> Sonic: *foot tap*

<Blaze> Robot: *Fall over*
<Ragey> It's nice to see that even with robots and princesses and shit that looks like it belongs in Phantasy Star or something still realises it's dealing with a blue hedgehog and moustached fatty in a clown suit.

We were pretty negative about it.

<Blaze> also was that a whale fin I was him flip off of? O:
<Blaze> That whale is STILL Out to get him
<Ragey> I want these muthatruckin' whales off my muthatruckin' ass.
<Ragey> [hip

You know, being Sonic fans and all.

<Blaze> Also, Wtf. When did Jason Griffith get so good at being sonic o_o
<Ragey> I'd also like to comment on Sonic's voice getting better. It was good in Shadow, but come on, the "grab onto that horizontal BAHRR" line I simply will not stop quoting.
<Blaze> Ragey
<Blaze> out of my mind
<Blaze> now
<Blaze> =(

Ripping it to shreds.

<Blaze> notice they're keeping Shadow highly enigmatic
<Blaze> We know what role sonic plays (duh)
<Blaze> we know the basic's of silver's role
<Blaze> But we don't know shit about Shadow's place yet
<Blaze> Just that he's connected to that purpleish hedgy, it seems
<Ragey> I guess that since Shadow "explained" everything, they want to give him more mystery and such.
<Blaze> mhm
<Blaze> I'd imagine him as a sort of mercenary now that his past is figured out and left behind
<Ragey sends> ULTIMATE BATTLE OF SONIC.jpg (54kb)

Pointing out it has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all.
But in the process of being typical Sonic fans in the world of sarcasm, we're still typical Sonic fans in the sense of "omg new brilliance". The irony?

Simply, about eight seconds of new gameplay footage and some fancy new FMVs and we're sold. We're a wacky and zany bunch, us Sonic fans (if you can even call us that with the complaining and bitching and everything)!



Steve Irwin is dead. I admit I never really watched his show, and feel sorry for the Australians who have to endure a stereotype set upon them by the guy, but I liked him, and it just seems so unreal to hear that he's dead, even after hearing it from three news sites and seeing a BBC news report. He was one of those guys I saw as being immortal. Sorta like how I saw Ray Charles and that guy who played Udesky in Jurassic Park 3. Still, as so totally untrue this all seems, life goes on am i rite