I'm going on holiday to Donegal for a week, so I won't be back until about the 2nd of September.

And this brings an end to the uneventful blog entries of August 2006.



I've fallen victim to the internet.


I saw Snakes on a Plane.

It's pretty good.

I admit I was expecting it to be more tacky and intentionally corny (besides the whole general concept), and about halfway through the movie the snake rampages lessen significantly and it becomes more about the crew and chasing a hillbilly around for the anti-virus, but hey, can't win everything. And come on, it has a woman bitten on her tit; a snake goes through a fat woman's eye; a pompous British jerk throws a dog at a snake to save himself for only a few seconds longer before he's eaten whole; and a guy goes to the toilet and says "hey big boy" as his unzips his fly and his "big boy" is munched by a snake.

I do have to agree with Tom of Theatre Hopper that it was rather overhyped, especially for something that puts less emphasis on the muthatruckin' snakes halfway through the film, although it was still a good film. And a guy gets a snake bite on the ass.

also £5 for a ticket daylight robbery for reals (despite it being night)



I'm in a condition I hate. I'm begging to do something, both for the site and simply to keep myself busy and entertained, but I simply feel too unwell to do anything at all. The most I've been doing with myself lately is going to my brother's house just so I can have the company and cheap entertainment of him being crazy at his guests, and compiling a list of games I've owned and my opinions on them.

I've been telling myself to write something; a walkthrough, an overview of a Mega Man cartoon, something about my eyebrows, anything, but I simply don't end up doing it and instead just keep browsing the internet aimlessly and watching crappy television.

I was thinking of redeeming myself for such a moan-moan-moan entry by photographing THE HORRORS LURKING IN MY DRAWER, but thanks to the light in my room being busted, and having to resort to a crappy table lamp, the photos come out all black. C'est la Vie.



I gots me a SEGA Saturn! With eight games! I admit I was expecting Daytona USA to be the only one I'd like, but at least half of the games are semi-decent. And if that wasn't surprising enough, they came packaged in a box of diapers.





Having just completed Bomberman Tournament, I can say with all certainty that Bomberman Quest trumps it in almost every category. But I do admit I'm still interested in making a walkthrough for it, although I think it's just so I can point out all my nags about it, like how the Landmines are no longer a safe weapon or how the Karaboms are so incredibly pointless.



As per usual, I've nothing much to say related to the site (nor have I had anything interesting to say since May), other than jeez I've really been milking these sprite updates haven't I.

I thought I'd mention that I'm planning to get a SEGA Saturn, mainly because of my current Bomberman fascination but also because seriously I missed out on some good games. And I've been playing Bomberman Tournament, essentially a sequel to Bomberman Quest, but lordy, I find it terrible. Gone is the charm, fun, and simplistic design, and in comes an RPG with crappy Pokémon elements too big for it's boots. I was thinking of making a walkthrough for it when I began playing, but ugh, that idea is out the window. If there are good things for me to say, it's that the multi-player is incredible and roundhouse kicks Bomberman Quest's right out the window, and the music and graphics decent but lack the same kind of quality as in Quest. But the single-player is terrible.

And since I seem to be scavenging for celebrity's birthdays so I can caricature them, it's Terry Wogan's 68th birthday and I had no idea what to draw beneath his head.


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So I made him do a pose that you'd expect The Fonz to do.