So my Bomberman Quest shrine and walkthrough took only six days; three times longer than it did to complete the game. Groovy.

In other news, I noticed that Google Video has added the ability to rate and comment on things, which is precisely why I avoided YouTube; I like comments, especially those that are constructive and provide insight into the viewers' opinions, but at YouTube it usually ends up in flaming, obscenities, and unintentionally amusing arguments. So far, I've had a whopping one comment which is just a quote from the video, but a few ratings. As of this writing:


The Galvatron cartoons, A Simple Day, Bus, Zomg Monstar, Ninja, and Car (both old and new) haven't been rated.

All the Motorbike Man ones have 5 stars via single ratings, except for episodes 1 (3 stars from five ratings), 3 (4 from two) and 6 (two ratings equalling 3 stars).

The Sonic 2 GG thing has four ratings, equalling 2 stars. Random has the same score with seven ratings.

Door of Doom has 5 stars via one rating.

Chester the Flying Cat, humourously, has 1 star from three ratings.


Felt like mentioning.



I was going to start this entry with "so", but that'd be three entries in a row beginning with that. So I'll start on the next paragraph.

So what's up, what's going on behind the scenes here? I'm working on a walkthrough for Bomberman Quest. I've been wanting to do a walkthrough for something like Metal Slug Advance or Mega Man X4, but I thought I'd start with something simple. I guess I'm about halfway done, but I've had about three days of non-stop work on it, and I'm beginning to slow down, so it may take a while. In the meantime, there's still another nineteen sprite sheets to crap out and say it's an update.



So MS:MIA's redesign is finished a million years earlier than expected. I'll probably try and fix up a few other things, like the About and FAQ pages sometime when I bother.

In other news, I submitted some Metal Slug to The Sprite Database after some guy there asked me about 2nd Mission and a savestate for the level select. So you can interpret my submission as a way of saying "not on my watch, bitch". I note this as I originally expected it to end up in tears, like my last attempt to help at The Mystical Forest Zone, but apparently the guys there have been reading MS:MIA, learnt about the sprite viewer in MS5, loved the information provided, and upon seeing I was submitting stuff to them, they got out the red carpets. I'm chuffed, I really am. :]

And happy 49th birthday Fern Britton. :]



So while I'm getting a heap of updates by putting up sprites I didn't even "rip", but merely extracted, I'm also doing other things.

Firstly, I'm redesigning the Metal Slug: Missing in Action section! It's essentially just condensing sections like the Debug Menu, Dipswitches, and Level Select into single pages instead of one for each game, and ripping off Final Fight Online by having buttons for links instead of boring text. No idea if there'll be new content just yet.

As for this site, I hope to write something about Octoman from F-Zero, and why he's awesome. I look forward to that. :]

And I seriously thought I was doing more when writing this entry, but that's it, apparently. Octoman article and MS:MIA redesign.



I'm just after a weekend of looking after my aunt's dog, Mac, which I can't say was the birthday present I was expecting. Having to constantly flourish it with attention, get stolen toys for it back off Vegas, and trying to decipher what the hell it wants from it's constant whining and barking wasn't terribly enjoyable. I think the fact that Vegas can actually do things herself has spoilt me, as Mac kept bounding up to me and looking dumbfounded with the occasional noise while I had to guess what it was she wanted.

On the bright side, it'll only be another year before I have to resume this routine, and my father got me Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 yesterday, which I'd like to say has been occupying my time, but instead, Wade Hixton's Counter Punch has been a game I've played a lot for some reason. It's a shallow game, I'm barely enjoying it, it doesn't quite live up to the games it tributes, yet I keep playing it. I think it's the graphics. And the humour.

Obligatory reminder that I run a website here, I've been wanting to do something, like rip some sprites or make a hoax or write something or redesign some things, but you know what happens when I think of actually doing anything.



Happy 66th birthday, Ringo Starr!


a hard birthday's night am i rite

Have a good one.

also it's my birthday too but seriously ringo starr



I just realised that an e-mail I sent to The Mushroom Kingdom years back was actually answered on it, years back. I was totally unaware until now. Cool. Note my dot dot dot at the end, and how three months later Nintendo would show Super Mario 64x4 at E3 with all that I mentioned there, and then remove the co-operative multi-player. lol.

Thought I'd say, because I'm really grasping for some resemblance of an update here.