Rant time!

As you may know, I've been ripping the enemy sprites from Sonic Rush (still need that hammer wielding one!), and a while ago (5th of March to be precise) I found an enemy from Sonic Advance 3 in it. It's unused in the game, and it's sprite isn't different in any way, so I didn't rip it or make much note of it. I mean, it's a leftover. Who would care?

Apparently SWS2B care, as Techokami (the guy who kindly took my Metroid Zero Mission article over at Other Games and used his knowledge to finish it, the guy who also ripped a bunch of 3D models from some games, as well as a generally awesome guy) posted it there, and everyone's going all "nice find" and "wow" and generally getting excited. Maybe I just lack the inconsistent spirit of that community, but I have no idea why they're so interested. It's a leftover, likely used for testing before they made the proper sprites. That's it. They're getting excited about a leftover, and it's not even accompanied with comical ramblings.

SWS2B also have a habit of getting extremely excited about new things, and then when they find out more they're terribly disappointed. Case in point, Sonic 1 GBA. From what I've read, it simply sounds like the original Mega Drive game, scaled down, with spindash and save function. Yet they're talking about it like it's a magnificent remake with all new graphics, sounds, and additions Galvatron says this is why they keep hating every new thing that comes along; they hype themselves up so much that they're horribly disappointed that it didn't live up to their insane expectations. The same can be said about me with Metal Slug Advance, except instead of pointing the blame fully on the creator, I blamed myself for getting over hyped. While also blaming the creator because seriously it could've been really good instead of horribly mediocre.

In other news, I'm very moody!






Less than a week from the last entry, and I've a few boring things to say.

Do you look at the forums? If so, you've probably seen some DRAMA going on. I let a friend invite some buddies there to liven things up, but they pretty much made it their territory. Being a hasty dick and not terribly good at moderating forums, I banned them. Two of them didn't take it that bad and found it humourous, but one of those people was annoyed at that because they made only one post that was inoffensive, and then proceeded to make guest posts saying I suck and the forum sucks and typical internet insults, which makes her ranting about being banned pretty redundant.

And I got a virus. Nothing was damaged or lost, but it did get me some adware that LavaSoft Ad-Aware can't seem to dispose of.

And now you know. :]

With that stupid drama out of the way and onto sitely discussions; I aim to write a follow-up to that crappy GBA games rant, writing about good games, but I haven't actually started yet; and then there's a story arc for Motorbike Man in a number of months maybe; and then blah blah blah.



So Random Action Hour is up, I got proper colours for the Sonic Rush enemies, and there's a new Motorbike Man on the way! So you can shut up for a while A7om.

In other news, I've barely played New Super Mario Bros. at all lately. It's not that it's a bad game; quite the contrary. It's because I simply don't like playing games on handhelds when I've a perfectly suitable TV in front of me to have it displayed on. I have played a bit of Super Princess Peach, though. Got to the sixth world. I also played Wario Land 4 today, and forgot what a truly brilliant game it is. It's also surprisingly technologically advanced (by GBA standards) for it's time. Large sprites, plenty of animation, and even songs with lyrics! I need to review it sometime.

I was expecting to have written more, but this is about all. Dag.



Got up to World 3 in New Super Mario Bros., and really, really enjoying it. Steve got himself a copy, and he's enjoying it too, so fun times for all. I just wish that a) they kept the co-operative multi-player in, and b) there was a way to play the DS on a TV. As in, getting the screens on the TV but still using it as a controller. I simply enjoy games more when they're on a big screen and people can watch without having to look over my shoulder. And come on, DS games on the big screen. That's a good enough excuse to make such a thing come true.

Tequila is now fully ripped, and the soldiers will be up next. I'd like to move onto something else afterwards, as the vehicles don't really interest me, although I'll probably get around to them sometime. I was thinking Sonic Battle, since nobody has ripped the multi-player games to my knowledge (and don't get any ideas >:U), but I can't access them in VBA Link, nor do I have a save file with all the minigames available. Bummer.

Also, remember how I mentioned in passing Galvatron and his Street Fighter cartoon reviews, and how they're going to be on the site? Well, I aim to also write reviews of the Mega Man cartoons, so it'll be a double whammy of Capcom cartoons and Galvatron and I.



New Super Mario Bros. arrived today. I haven't really played enough to achieve a solid opinion, but so far I've enjoyed it, although I think I'm having the same problem I had with Metal Slug Advance, where so much hype for it eventually led up to something that wasn't quite what I was expecting. But on the contrary, I'm enjoying it, unlike my first few experiences with Metal Slug Advance.

[having now completing the first world with both Mario and Luigi, I'm enjoying it much, much more. =D]

Also, I've ripped and put together the soldier sprites, so they just need organising. I also got Tequila's sprites, and currently piecing them together, so if things go well, they should be ready in less than a week. 358 days earlier than expected!