Today's Halo game was lolarious. Galvatron was sending me some Street Fighter cartoon reviews I plan to give their own section to sometime (ANTICIPATION!), and he was worried our daily Halo may have to be postponed for the downloads to finish. I said "aw come on", and we went. Our pings were terrible, and Galv was insisting on leaving, but I wanted to stay.

And the fun began when the others took notice of our horrible pings lagging up everything, and ordered us to leave. I feel bad about finding people on Halo humourous because of their actions, but Galvatron says they're not people, which almost makes me worse, but makes me feel better.

So I said "make me". And they switched sides and insulted me and hit me and killed me and tried to make me betray them so I would be auto-banned. They gave threats of banning, kicking, and "reporting" me, and even went back to the other side so they could kill me and take my flag. They even reset the game a number of times in a row. They did everything besides actually banning me. In the end, they just closed the game and started it up again. I returned to educate them on actually learning how to kick and ban so they could avoid assholes like me doing asshole things in the future, and left. And called them fatties.

Should I feel bad about enjoying being a dickhead on online games?



I just got an e-mail from "Kristy HotAss", with the subject line of "Lets Hookup I am 15miles from you". Inside she said she was a career girl with limited time for fun, and simply wanted a "fuckbuddy with no strings", nor did she want a relationship.

Thought I'd mention.



So I think the problem is just about resolved. The forum members don't seem to be getting it, but I've explained it to two of the admins or moderators or whatever, and they understand, so that's about all that matters.

In other news, I'm almost finishing ripping Gimlet's sprites. After that comes the boring part: Recolouring and organising them.



So the administrator of MFZ, Kajin, kindly listened to my big ol' summary of what happened, and then activated my account, where I then repeated my blog entry of the 23rd except reworded and changed significantly so it seemed a little less insulting. Here's hoping nothing cocks up.

[UPDATE] And it's mildly cocked up. See, nobody really seems to care. I've got a whopping two replies, one saying "so you finally registered", and another being suspicious that I'm an alternate account of Blackarms and then proceeding to talk about DeSmuME, a DS emulator that doesn't suck but can't actually play Sonic Rush. This is what I get for waiting five days to try and clear things up, writing out the whole event three times, and going to limits to ensure that I'm not a thief on my sprites page. Thanks a bundle, fellas.

In other news, Galvatron and I played a decent game of Halo in what seems forever. And for once, I didn't have to insult everyone, as two people were doing it themselves, going from simple "screw you"s to unnecessarily graphic insults of how they engage in sexual acts with members of their family. And I actually attempted to get the flag. Twice!



Still nothing on the account activation. I sent an e-mail to who I presumed was the admin, stating all I wanted to do was clean up the mess and be on my way. Hopefully he'll get the drift and activate it while I'm still young.

In other news, my copy of Cromartie High School vol.1 arrived today, and it's quite possibly the best anime I've ever seen. I mean, I can watch it with casual friends (as in, none of them being nerds) with none of us feeling like faggots. Can't say that about many other anime shows, can I?

And if that isn't a welcoming feature, the dub is impressive, but I'm sure a load of nerds are going to deny that, saying the Japanese voices are superior. Well OPINIONS is what I say.

I would ramble on about how awesome it is and what it's about, but yeah.



I'm rather pissed off. >:U

On the 20th, some guy e-mailed me, saying he would like to share my Egg Pawn sprites with the guys at Mystical Forest Zone forums, claiming he wouldn't tamper with them nor claim them as his own. I saw no harm in doing so, and let him fire away, while I tried to register at the forums to give my okay. Registering was disabled, so I'll wait.

Then a guy at Sonic Vegemite asks me about the Egg Pawn sprites, which he links to on a free image hosting site, and they're all compiled into one ugly sheet, with all the individual credits still there. I cringed, but it had nothing to do with the topic so I blabbered how I ripped them, and said I'd try to get those ending sprites sometime, despite the fact I've looked through all the tiles twice for them.

So then the e-mail guy replies, saying "there's a slight problem". In his own words, "I posted your Sonic Rush enemy sprites, and they were accepted, but then people got suspicious that I was you, and I was stealing someone named Ragey's sprites and claiming them as a friend's and it just all got out of control." The sprite community is known for being a bunch of sceptical ass wads, but no problem, registering is open now so I can sort this out.

Registering is easy, but it turns out an administrator needs to manually activate my account.



Impatient, I ask Ashura what's down, and he sends me the entire thread.

Fuck. Ing. Hell.

There's all kinds of wrong here. Firstly, he says I'm from his site. Then he says I wanted them there; I didn't say I wanted them, I pretty much said "whatever". Then he says I got them by taking screenshots of the screen: WHAT. I thought it was clear that I ripped them from the game's tiles, and got the colours from screenshots. Then everybody else is all "hmm i need proof" and "better see they're not stolen".

And then some guy believes we're siblings. Whatuff. Of course, things turn out pretty rosy, until the second page some guy who Speaks Like This comes along and says "The Obviously Stolen", with no proof as to why. No idea if he's talking to me or the guy. And then some guy says he's concerned with my sprites page, saying there's a lot of stolen ones, including Joe Echidna's Sonic Heroes cursor rips. I ripped those before I was aware he had ripped them, and I knew something like this would happen at one time or another.

And then everyone is all "hey let's get Ragey in here to verify this" when they've been preventing me from verifying for three damned days because the frickin' administrator is taking his sweet time activtating my account.

They do seem to believe it near the end, so maybe it won't end up that bad, but good God, I hate dealing with the sprite community.




And Super Princess Peach is still enjoyable, although easy.

Today, Galvatron has pressured me into watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, and my, am I glad he did.

Normally I avoid music on television at whatever costs, but this year's entries have been pretty zany. Me ol' Decepticon bud kept telling me about Finland's entry, how Greece hated it and wanted it banned, and saying "DEMONS". I was excited, naturally, but there were a number of other entries before it.

What grabbed my attention was the entry for the United Kingdom.


| img 1 | img 2 | img 3 | img 4 |

It's some wacky crazy guy in a jumpsuit rapping and doing a ridiculous dance while some chicks in Catholic school girl outfits doing seductive dancing, and using their desks as DJ spin top things. It was all very weird.


After some boring entries did Finland's entry finally come, and good lord, is it awesome.

| img 1 | img 2 | img 3 | img 4 |




I didn't know how to react upon seeing this. I mean, DEMONS

Everyone was in demon costume, from the guitarist as a zombie skeleton thing (with biker jacket!), the bassist in more skeleton-like form, the drummer as THE SATAN, and the keyboardist as hell knows what. And simply look at that vocalist! Full armour, full make-up, everything. He even worse a hat with Sweden's flag design on it, and there were a truckload of sparklers and explosions and heavy metals and GOOD GOD it was the best thing ever.

Pity nothing topped it.

psst turns out they're called Lordi =0


And then Brian Kennedy came up. I liked his work, and from a woman's point of view, he's one hot stud muffin, but his act was pretty plain, really. Plus, the montage they had for Ireland was all wrong. Snow-capped mountains, gorgeous cliffs and rocky beaches? DON'T EXIST


And there we go. I hope to God that Finland wins because DEMONS

If anyone could get the UK and Finland entries as MP3s or videos, I would love you forever and keep them on my site for all eternity.

[Finland won. Their very first, too!]



Playing more of Super Princess Peach. Still good.

I was also playing some of my old GBA games today, and I forgot how amazingly awesome CT Special Forces 3 is. If I haven't said it before, I really recommend getting it. Seriously.

Also, I was browsing the site, and I just realised how offensive I am. I mean, I'm throwing jokes here, there and everywhere about fatties, homosexuals, idiots, and everything. Despite the fact I keep trying to reassure everyone I'm just a dick who's merely having some immature fun on the Internet and means no offence, I can easily see how anyone could get the wrong message.

Just a dick on the internet having fun, folks.



Being an impatient git, I said "screw waiting those ten days for it to be released here, I'm getting Super Princess Peach." And that I did, for 18. Not the best of prices, but eh.

I've played the first level, and it seems pretty good. A touch slow, and having to whip out the stylus to change your mood seems a bit clunky, but yeah, it's looking good.

However, I've spent more time fussing over the fact that it's box is smaller than the other DS games.

Definite proof that no matter what I do, my camera is terrible.

But look. It's not conveyed terribly well in this photo, but the box is slimmer, and has a border that isn't boring ol' default text. The inside is also different, looking like the American GameCube box innards, but I had enough trouble with this one picture. I can't help but annoyed how the US gets these fancy slim boxes with pretty borders, whereas we get these unnecessarily bulky and boring boxes. And then there's the fact that DS games are taking a million years to be released here.

blub blub blub blub blub :{


[UPDATE] I've completed the first world. It's all pretty fun so far, although easy, and the levels share the problem of Alien Hominid, where there the levels are higher in quantity than quality, but hopefully that'll clear up later.

However, I just discovered something that made me SEETHE with anger.

The competition multi-player in New Super Mario Bros. has been REMOVED.

At least, no reviews mention it at all. TMK's look at it back in 2005 at E3 quite clearly said there was a 2-Player competitive mode where the players raced through the stage to the goal first, but no reviews or site of the actual release mention such a mode, only a crappy SM64DS-like star collecting game.

I'm naturally disgusted. I would rant and rave about this, but it's unlikely to make matters any better. At most, I can simply hope that Nintendo actually makes a co-operative Mario game at some point; that's twice they've lied about co-operation in DS games.



Just when I was contemplating giving up on today's gaming and merely sticking with sixth generation consoles, E3 comes along and wows my ass flat.

Firstly, I had little intention to get a Wii (lol penis jokes), other than maybe the whole backwards compatibility downloading thing. Now that they're finally showing the library of games, it looks appealing. Metroid Prime 3, WarioWare, another Sonic game, Metal Slug Anthology, and SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL OH YES, it's finally looking good!

I'm not sure about Super Mario Galaxy, though. It seems every time they try something different like that, it just ends out being less fun. Case in point, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Super Mario Sunshine. They were decent games, but I simply play them less than the others.

The DS is looking to brighten up. NEW Super Mario Bros. (another OH YES), Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (which is apparently a direct sequel to Wind Waker, despite the fact they've used the Wind Waker style for at least four games already), Star Fox DS, Mega Man ZX, and YOSHI'S ISLAND 2 BABY YEAH. Combined with Super Princess Peach soon to be released here, the DS looks like it'll have some good ol' side scrolling Mario goodness. =D

GameCube's getting Super Paper Mario, Twilight Princess and LEGO Star Wars II, but that's about it. Not too bad, I guess.

The GBA ... could be worse. There's that Metal Slug port that's been in and out of the news ever since it's announcement, some SNES Final Fantasy ports, and Capcom Classics Mini Mix (with Mighty Final Fight. YOU GETTIN' THIS GALV). Also a load of crappy licensed games, but that's to be expected. Amusing how the only intriguing games for the GBA are ports.

And then there's other games like that one Sonic game that's like a spiritual continuation of Shadow, Metal Gear Solid 4, and ... Snoopy vs. The Red Baron. Yeah.

All in all, little reason to commit gaming suicide just yet.



It's pretty redundant me saying this so much, but I keep saying that I'm neglecting the site. To be honest, I've barely done a thing lately. The most I've done was play F-Zero GX a lot, play my newly bought Project Rub for a while, play through all of the immensely terrible Taz-Mania in The Search for the Lost Seabirds (which should be covered on the site in a new writing thing sometime when I get off my arse), and play a lot of Halo with Galvatron.

It's all go.

In other news, I got a whopping two messages of feedback about the site. About the sprites, unsurprisingly, but that's cool.



Motorbike Man's kinda stopped for a little while since I need voices for a character. You know what you doing.