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It's only after I've got nearly 40GB of assorted scans on my hard drive and half my floorspace covered in books, magazines and assorted gubbins do I realise - I scan a lot of things! Like, a lot of things!
Maybe I oughta share them sometime!

Feel free to distribute these images as you please. A link back to this page wouldn't hurt if just so people know where to find the rest (nobody was talking about GO! Ketsu Wario until I raised a stink about it, goshdarnit!), but it's a free country.
Interested in translating these? Let me know! I want to support such endeavours in any way I can!
If any official body representing the properties scanned here doesn't approve of the images being publicly available, contact me! I cower real easy!

Dengeki Nintendo DS

GO! Ketsu Wario
Sonic the Hedgehog

Hoshi no Kirby: Pupupu Hero


Go! Go! Mario Kart
Peach's Great Adventure!?

Wai Wai! Wario

Card Fighters DS

game manuals

Arabian Dream Scheherazade

Assorted raw scans can be be found on MEGA.

Arabian Dream Scheherazade

アラビアンドリーム シェラザード

Famicom box and manual for Arabian Dream Scheherazade (known in the west as The Magic of Scheherazade).
Raw scans can be found on MEGA.

[box front] [box back] [cartridge]

[manual front]
[00-01] [02-03] [04-05] [06-07] [08-09]
[10-11] [12-13] [14-15] [16-17] [18-19]
[20-21] [22-23] [24-25] [26-27] [28-29]
[30-31] [32-33] [34-35] [36-37] [38-39]
[40-41] [42-43] [44-45]
[manual back]

[battle formation] [battle mode]
[Hero using Magical Voice] [Hero wielding Sword]
[Hero & Coronya] [the party]
[Coronya] [Time Door]


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