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It's only after I've got over forty gigabytes of assorted scans on my hard drive and half my floorspace covered in books, magazines and assorted gubbins do I realise - I scan a lot of things! Like, a lot of things!
Maybe I oughta share them sometime!

UPDATED: 22/Sep/2018

Comic Bom Bom

Dr Mario-kun
Ganbare Goemon: Kikiipatsu! [...]
Sly Cooper: Phantom Thief

CoroCoro Comic

City Connection
Crash Bandicoot: Kattobi! Spin World
Sonic the Hedgehog
Spyro-Kun: Tondemo Adventure

Shogakukan Gakushu

Famicom Manga: Super Mario Bros.
Famicom Manga: The Goonies
Famicom Manga: Zelda II
Super Mario-Kun

Dengeki Nintendo DS

Animal Crossing: Forest Tales
Animal Crossing: Komorebi Village
Animal Crossing: Topp's Slapstick Life
GO Ketsu Wario
Hoshi no Kirby: Pupupu Hero
Kaze no Klonoa
Oshiete! Kinipio
Sonic the Hedgehog


Card Fighters DS
Go! Go! Mario Kart
Hichako no Game Taiken-ki
Peach's Great Adventure!?
Rockman ZX Advent
Shuugou Zen'in Gagtte!! Rockman!
Wai Wai! Wario

unsorted (for now!)

Arabian Dream Scheherazade
Star Fox Super Capture Guide
Super Mario World Official Guidebook

Assorted raw scans can be be found on MEGA: [1] [2] [3]

This page also serves as big dumb research into Japan-only magazines and manga anthologies, with links to scans and translations from other folks when available.

Feel free to distribute these images as you please. A link back to this page wouldn't hurt if just so people know where to find the rest (nobody was talking about GO! Ketsu Wario until I raised a stink about it, goshdarnit!), but it's a free country.
Interested in translating these? Feel free, and tell me about it! I want to support such endeavours in any way I can, and I'm willing to commission!
If any official body representing the properties scanned here doesn't approve of the images being publicly available, contact me! I cower real easy!

Arabian Dream Scheherazade

アラビアンドリーム シェラザード

Famicom box and manual for Arabian Dream Scheherazade (known in the west as The Magic of Scheherazade).
Raw scans can be found on MEGA.

[box front] [box back] [cartridge]
[manual front]
[00-01] [02-03] [04-05] [06-07] [08-09] [10-11]
[12-13] [14-15] [16-17] [18-19] [20-21] [22-23]
[24-25] [26-27] [28-29] [30-31] [32-33] [34-35]
[36-37] [38-39] [40-41] [42-43] [44-45]
[manual back]

[battle formation] [battle mode]
[Hero using Magical Voice] [Hero wielding Sword]
[Hero & Coronya] [the party]
[Coronya] [Time Door]

Star Fox Super Capture Guide

スターフォックス スーパー攻略ガイド

Raw scans can be found on MEGA.

A pack-in booklet with the No.4 1993 issue of Dengeki Super Famicom (電撃スーパーファミコン), dated March 13th. Contains a basic walkthrough as well as a featurette on polygonal technology and an interview with Hiroyuki Takahashi (高橋 宏之) of Shining Force fame... but nuts to all that, it's got eight pages of Star Fox manga!!

MiloScat and HorseyPope kindly translated the manga into English: MEGA / Flickr

Super Mario World
Nintendo Official Guidebook

スーパーマリオワールド 任天堂公式ガイドブック

Raw scans can be found on MEGA: [1] [2]

Two guidebooks for Super Mario World published by APE Inc. (エイプ・小学館) on January and July 1991. Customary to APE's early books, it's full of extensive maps, quirky page design and oddball bonus content, including a look at Nintendo's history in Japan and America, interviews with the staff, and a variety of comics and 4-koma.

MiloScat and HorseyPope kindly translated the manga from both volumes into English: MEGA / Flickr


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