The Bomberman series is hardly story-heavy, character interaction-heavy, or even continuity-heavy, but it's still managed to conjure up dozens and dozens and dozens of fiery little fellows! The Japanese Wikipedia article was immeasurably helpful in keeping track of them all.

Japanese names are listed first, then the most popular English name, and in brackets are the alternate translations from some games. I'm going to be using varying names all over the place, just to keep things diverse, but I'll try and avoid getting confusing.

[would totally be appreciated: some sources regarding character details and better write-ups than mine!]


Common characters

Shirobom (白ボン) / Bomberman (White Bomber, Cheerful White (Bomberman Land series))

Bomberman is a robot engaged in the production of bombs. Like his fellow robots, he had been put to work in an underground compound by evil forces. Bomberman found it to be an unbearably dreary existence. One day, he heard an encouraging rumor. According to the rumor, any robot that could escape the underground compound and make it to the surface could become human. Bomberman leaped at the opportunity[...]

Bomberman NES manual

In the very first Bomberman game, our hero was one of many robots working in the dire depths of the planet, creating bombs for the evil Bangering empire (see Bomberman (NES) for that kettle of fish). He wasn't too happy about this, but he heard that if a robot could escape to the surface, they would become human - but to do that, they'd need to traverse through fifty floors and fend off the security guards (walking balloons and tiger faces). He succeeded and became human; the hero of the Lode Runner games, to be precise! He wasn't out of the woods yet, though, as the rest of the Bombermen robots were ordered to chase after and stop him, while he threw them into holes and gathered gold and other such activities.

That storyline was not taken further, needless to say.

Shiro is upbeat and cheerful, all too willing to make friends with people he had once considered enemies, and like many anime protagonists, focuses a lot on training to be the strongest warrior ever, much to Kuro's dismay.

First appearance: Lode Runner (NES)


Kurobom (くろボン) / Black Bomber (Cool Black (Bomberman Land series))

Through a programming error, Dr. Mitsumori's second robot, "Black Bomberman," has gone berserk. Seeking to control the world, he has kidnapped Dr. Mitsumori's only daughter, Lisa. Now he is hiding out in the mysterious Mechanical Castle.

Bomberman PCE manual

As a rival to white Bomberman, this almighty character is quite a match for [White]'s abilities.

Bomberman Hardball manual

In Kuro's first appearance, he robbed a bank, dumped the cash into Shiro's hands and made a run for it, leaving the white bomber to be incarcerated for what looked like his doing. Subsequent appearances appeared to be cementing his position as an enemy, including kidnapping among his crimes, but by the time of Super Bomberman the two had apparently made up and become allies. They remain friendly rivals, but Kuro appears unable to catch up with Shiro's level of skill.

While Shiro is cheerful and jolly, Kuro is normally portrayed as a little more forceful, mildly frustrated at living in Shiro's shadow and being more gung-ho. From what I gather, at least! (having to work with another source than just Saturn Bomberman Fight!! would be a huge help)

First appearance: Bomberman (PC Engine)


Honey (ハニ一)

"Don't get in your way...?! And just who the heck do you two think you're talking to?! [...] I hope you understand that this is what happens when you don't listen to what I have to say!"

Saturn Bomberman Fight!!; after thrashing Denta and Kotetsu

A cowgirl, one of Hudson's mascots, she's apparently an ally of Bomberman and one of his many friendly rivals. She's primarily a multi-player only character, existing to fill up a slot in the roster. Her only appearance in a game's story is in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, where she too is taking part in the tournament to get herself some vast riches. Apparently a bounty hunter as well (judging from her encounter with Golem Bomber), she's hot-headed and gung-ho, showing very little consideration to others if they stand in her way. Kotetsu is her subordinate and, just like everyone else she meets, does not treat him with much respect.

It's implied that she and Pretty Bomber are one and the same. See Pretty Bomber's section for details.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 4, Saturn Bomberman, Neo Bomberman, Super Bomberman 5, Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Bomberman Wars, Bomberman (PSX)


Kotetsu (小鉄)

A samurai, the polite and chivalrous counterpart to Honey and another of Hudson's mascots, though not given quite as much attention as her. He's your traditional samurai - he speaks in polite, archaic dialect, holds honour and dignity in high respect, and holds a grudge against fellow swordsman, Denta the ninja. Honey is his mentor and despite implied beatings, both verbal and physical, he holds her in high regards, though certainly doesn't whitewash her ferocious nature.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 4, Saturn Bomberman, Neo Bomberman, Super Bomberman 5, Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Bomberman Wars, Bomberman (PSX)


Bagura (バグラー) / Bagular (Bomberman Hero) (Bagulaa (Mega Bomberman), / Burglar (Bomberman Fantasy Race), Buggler (Bomberman World), urgh

But one day, invaders arrived: the evil Bagulaa and his Robot Army. [...] the pieces of Bomber Planet are crawling with Bagulaa's robot minions and animals who've been brainwashed into helping the invaders.

Mega Bomberman manual

 A mad scientist and the creator of the Evil Bombermen. The only reason he's participating in the event is to fund his evil plan to conquer the galaxy.

Bomberman Fantasy Race manual

An evil scientist and the leader of the Hige Hige Bandits, he's had numerous run-ins with Bomberman in his plots for world domination, though eventually his plans seem to deteriorate into simply getting back at Bomberman. His personality's never really been made clear (at least with the limited references I've got to work with!), but he's pretty evil and likes cackling.

Bagular resurrected the Five Dastardly Bombers in Super Bomberman 3, but was soundly defeated and left without a body, rendering him as a brain in a large machine (Bagular Head) in Super Bomberman 4. After being lost in a blackhole, he suddenly reappeared in his original body in Neo Bomberman and the story arc of Pocket (as Babylon), Wars and World, only for his lost body to be referenced once again in Hero, where he's only a face on a computer screen.

However, another fellow by the same name also appeared in the Panic Bomber games around the same time, portrayed as much shorter and cartoony and lacking his distinctive beard and eyebrows. This appeared to be retconned in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, where it was said he was a separate individual who aspired to be like him but had misheard his name, naming himself Baguro (バグロオ). That was Baguro's last appearance, but also the only appearance that actually referenced the different name and appearance. It's kind of confusing and since every single one of Baguro's appearances is in a Japan-only game, it's thoroughly unpleasant.

Appearances: Bomberman '94, Panic Bomber (PCE, SNES & Arcade - as Baguro), Super Bomberman 3, Super Bomberman 4 (as Bagular Head), Neo Bomberman, Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (as Baguro), World (PSX), Wars, Hero, Fantasy Race


Dr. Ein (Dr.アイン) (Dr. I (Saturn Bomberman))

50 years old. As well as a practitioner of bomb science, he is an authority figure of the Bomber Nebula. He and Bomberman are good friends. A friendly and sentimental person who enjoys Enka ballads.

Saturn Bomberman Japanese site

Despite the appearance of a mad scientist, Dr. Ein is a reasonably kind old soul and

Appearances: Saturn Bomberman, Fantasy Race, Max 1 & 2, Generation, Jetters series


Mujoe (ムジョー) / Mr. Meanie (Saturn Bomberman))

45 years old. Commander in-chief of the evil organisation, the Hige Hige Bandits. Simple-minded. Enjoys praise, though he prefers to act without thinking.

Saturn Bomberman Japanese site


Appearances: Saturn Bomberman, Max 2, Generation, Jetters series, DreamMix TV World Fighters


Hige Hige Bandits (kana) / The Meanie Gang (Saturn Bomberman))

[notable members include Sentouin 12 Go (戦闘員12号) and Mech Bomber 015]

Bomberman Fantasy Race flubs the translation, calling them the Hige Hige Dan. Dan is Japanese for gang, so it's the same basic premise.

First appearance: Saturn Bomberman


Max (マックス)

He's Bomberman's partner in some games, but I think the Jetters continuity mixes that up. Better info when I actually start covering those games!

First appearance: Bomberman Max


Louie (ルーイ) / Rooi (Bomberman '94 Virtual Console)

Louies are native to the Bomber Planet and valuable allies of Bomberman. Louies are found in eggs which appear when you blow up soft blocks. Hop onto an egg, and a Louie appears as your faithful steed.

Mega Bomberman manual

Green kangaroo-like creatures, they are friendly and helpful creatures, all too willing to help Bomberman as soon as they're freed from their eggs. They come in a variety of colours, each with their own unique abilities, some more useful than others. The Louies in Super Bomberman 5 have appearances and accessories befitting of their abilities - a Louie in a soccer shirt can kick bombs, a roly-poly Louie can roll at high speeds, and so on.

Appearances: Bomberman '94, Super Bomberman 3, Super Bomberman 5, Bomberman Hero, Bomberman Fantasy Race, Bomberman (PSX), Bomberman Land series, Bomberman Tournament (cameo), Bomberman Jetters series


Pommy (ポミュ)

I finally found. you, mew.... Sorry I didn't thank you earlier. I wanna help you on your quest, OK?

Bomberman Tournament;  upon being rescued by Bomberman

A Karabon. I, uh, don't really know anything about him. Better info when I actually start covering his appearances!

Appearances: Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!, Bomberman Max 1 & 2, Bomberman Tournament, Bomberman Generation, Bomberman Jetters series


Devil Bomber (デビルボンバー)

He appears on the Japanese Wikipedia article quite early on. He must be important!

First appearance: Bomberman GB3


Super Bomberman

Carat Diamond (カラット・ダイヤモンド) & Dr. Mook (Dr.ムック)

The evil Carat Diamond and his cohort, scientist Dr. Mook, are holding a Robot Tournament with robots specially designed for their combat and offensive capabilities. Hoping to steal BomberMan's advanced combat capabilities, Diamond has created a fake BomberMan to go to Peace Town and kidnap the real BomberMan.

Super Bomberman manual

A terrible two whose goals for conquest merely involve a small town, something that would be quickly undermined by every other villain's desire for conquest of the world or the universe. They made no subsequent appearances, so their defeat must have left them thoroughly humbled. Pretty understandable - their Bomberman robots were terrible.

Super Bomberman 2

Five Dastardly Bombers (凶悪ボンバー五人衆)

The Five Dastardly Bombers first appeared in Super Bomberman 2 - human cyborgs built by an unknown alien to conquer space, and also to defeat Bomberman. They were resurrected by Bagular in Super Bomberman 3, now granting them the ability to form a giant robot (or become vital components of it; it's not clear and kind of ridiculous looking), but that ended with their destruction once more. Then after no further appearances of note as a full team, they reappeared in Bomberman Tournament, kidnapping Max and trying to conquer the world of Phantarion, though rather than Plasma Bomber leading the group, it was Brain Bomber this time. After that, there has been no further appearances of them.

The name can be translated in various ways, but it's basically just variations upon the same definition of "atrocious," "villainous," and so on. If you want to be pedantic, it would roughly be "Villainous Bomber Five-Man Team," which is simply not a wieldy name in English.


Magnet Bomber (マグネットボンバー)

Magnet Bomber gets no respect. In every appearance he's always been the first one to be taken down, and not even the power to magnetically control bombs can save him from being remarkably pathetic. In Tournament he remains cocky despite his former failures, and can even turn into Magnet Dragon (マグネットドラゴン), but not even that can save him from being a loser.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman Tournament


Golem Bomber (ゴ一レムボンバ一) / Fire Bomber (Super Bomberman 2 manual)

Despite being the group's strongman, Golem Bomber is actually rather kind-hearted, as well as a large fan of nature and wildlife. Not that you can tell this from any game besides Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, where he either remains silent or displays an aggressive attitude, not to mention his habit of doing things like throwing bombs all around, igniting the floor and resurrecting the dead in his Golem Ghost form (ゴーレムゴースト).

He does stuff in Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, befriending Mami as her protector, but aside from that I'm rather clueless.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 2, Panic Bomber (PC Engine), Super Bomberman 3, Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (playable), Bomberman Tournament


Pretty Bomber (プリティボンバー) (Cute Pink (Bomberman Land series), Ms. Flashy  (Panic Bomber VB))

The only girl among the Evil 5. She is rather sly for a girl with such an innocent face.

Bomberman Fantasy Race manual

Although not the only female Bomberman, Pretty Bomber is certainly the most popular and prominent, and quite frequently appears without the rest of her team, her alliance fluctuating randomly - sometimes she's evil, sometimes she's good, and sometimes she's purely neutral. Likewise, although she's always skilled and capable of taking care of herself, some games portray her as self-indulgent and maliciously playful, while others portray her as a little more sweet-natured.

It's implied that she and Honey are one and the same - she removes her helmet in Super Bomberman 3's password screen and the title of Hi-Ten Chara Bomb, presenting herself with a similar face and hairstyle to the cowgirl, and excluding Bomberman (PSX), Honey and Pretty Bomber are never present in the same game at the same time; Honey is playable in Neo Bomberman's battle mode, but she does not appear in the single-player mode where Pretty is the damsel in distress.

In Tournament her attitude is a little more dour and has the ability to transform into Pretty Balloon (プリティーバルーン), which is actually a freaky octopus thing, despite the misnomer.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 2, Panic Bomber (PCE, SNES, VB), Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman GB 2 (playable), Neo Bomberman, Bomberman Fantasy Race (playable), Bomberman (PSX) (playable), Bomberman Land series, Bomberman Tournament, Bomberman Kart (playable), Bomberman Battles (playable)


Brain Bomber (ブレインボンバー)

It's pretty obvious that he's the intelligent one, and a bit of a sinister schemer. Apparently he doesn't like his allies, but there doesn't appear to be explicit reference to this in the games. Rather than being defeated properly like the others in Super Bomberman 2, he pulls a strange disappearing act where he vanishes and leaves only his cloak behind. He's the leader in Bomberman Tournament and actually fights you properly, eschewing the transformations the rest of his comrades have.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman Tournament


Plasma Bomber (プラズマボンバー)

The leader of the group, despite his electricity motif his attack style focuses primarily on being fast and furious. Notably, he extended a hand of friendship to Bomberman after his first defeat, but was subsequently electrocuted by his creator, and after that has shown no signs of being good again. In Tournament he's no longer the leader, or even the second-in-command; he's just the third boss. Talk about a fall from grace. In that game he can transform into Plasma Rock (プラズマロック), a winged beast of some kind, and had the good fortune of being the one to capture Max in the first place. Although he primarily appears in green colour scheme, he was yellow on some of Super Bomberman 2's artwork and in-game.

Appearances: Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman Tournament


Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W

Jamaican Bomber (ボンセイバー)



A cheerful Bomberman who originates from Jamaica. A vegetarian; he and Metal Bomber do not get on well with each other.

Panic Bomber W manual



Super Bomberman 4

Four Bomber Kings (kana)

[they appeared in super bomberman 4. what's their deal?]


Hammer Bomber (kana)

[he can swing his hammer around, but it's not even dangerous enough to kill you]


Jet Bomber (kana)

[he has a jetpack!]


Lady Bomber (kana)

[she shoots non-lethal laser beams]


Bazooka Bomber (kana)

[friggin' bazooka!]


Great Bomber (kana)

[he can become invisible. judging from the party edition manual he's listed separately from the other four, so whether or not he's the leader is unclear]


Super Bomberman 5

Bomber Wan (ボンバーワン)


The personal pooch of Bomber Baron, it is a very fast and ferocious creature. An unpleasant critter, the only person it treats fondly is its master. It habitually buries landmines in many places.

Super Bomberman 5 manual


Bombano Baron (ボンバーノ男爵)


Known as "The Baron" because, true to his name, he is a keen swindler. The master of Bomber Wan. Scatters Skulls and Clogs behind him as he flees, much to the detriment of our heroes.

Super Bomberman 5 manual


Muscle Bomber (マッスルボンバー)



Super Bomberman 5 manual

[big guy]


Pirate Bomber (海賊ボンバー)



Minion Bomber (手下ボンバー )

[pirate lackey]


Dave Bomber (デイブボンバー)

[fat gangster]


Gary Bomber (ガリーボンバー)

[thin gangster]


Bundori? Bomber (ブンドリボンバー)



Iron Mask Bomber (鉄仮面ボンバー)

[axe-wielding gimp man]


Terrorin (テロリン)

[clock guy]


Neo Bomberman

Atomic Bomber (アトミックボンバー)

A creation by Bagular to defeat Bomberman who, with no foreshadowing whatsoever, rebelled against him by throwing him off-screen before he battled our hero. He can charge himself up and emit a large blast radius from his own body, rendering himself invincible briefly in the process, but otherwise his abilities were pretty standard. He was defeated and never seen again.


Rubber Bomber (ラバーボンバー)

A Bomberman who can transform himself into a shapeless mound, allowing him to travel through soft blocks at the expense of being unable to plant bombs or pick up items in that form. His head appears more rounded than the traditional "bevelled box" shape of most other Bomberman.


Fake Bomber (フェイクボンバー)

A Bomberman who can disguise himself as a soft block at will. He's shown with Bomberman at the intro when Bagular's machine arrives, implying he's close buddies with our hero, maybe. The cabinet artwork portrays him with a large yellow backpack and no shoulder pads, though in-game his goggles are his only accessory.


Cat Bomber (キャットボンバー)

A female Bomberman with feline traits, most notably swift agility at the expense of her sense of direction.


Hayate Bomber (ハヤテボンバー)

A ninja-esque Bomberman who can generate illusionary bombs that disappear in a harmless puff of smoke. The cabinet artwork portrays him with fishnets beneath his tunic and light blue arms and legs, though these don't show up in-game.


Saturn Bomberman

Dr. MechaDoc (Dr.メカード)

50 years old. The scientific genius of the Hige Hige Bandits. An influential man whose bomb science is only rivalled by Dr. Ein.

Saturn Bomberman Japanese site

Other appearances: Jetters series


Tirra (ティラ) / Dinosaur (Saturn Bomberman))

In his quest to unravel the plans of the squirrelly Mr. Meanie, Bomberman comes across big, spotted eggs. By cracking these open, he hatches one of a variety of dinosaurs. Bomberman can jump on its back and take advantage of its special power. There are five different dinosaurs that turn up to help Bomberman, each having a different special power.

American manual

Other appearances: Bomberman Fantasy Race


Kepo (ケポ)

A mascot machine created by Dr. Ein. The pilot of the time machine. Kepo is a pleasant creature.

Saturn Bomberman Japanese site

A friendly robot created by Dr. Ein. He knows everything about Fantasy Land so he'll show you where to go.

Bomberman Fantasy Race English manual

Next to the shuttle, you can find Kepo. Talk to Kepo if you want to save your game.

Bomberman Quest English manual

That's quite literally all we hear about Kepo. He made insignificant appearances in other games, mostly as some kind of screen decoration (dancing next to the timer in Fight!!, a cursor in Fantasy Race and a save point in Quest). His character design was likely a prototype for Pommy, who would debut just a year after Kepo's final appearance and subsequently take his place as cute sidekick/mascot, with the benefit of actually having some degree of personality.

Other appearances: Saturn Bomberman Fight!!, Fantasy Race, Quest


Baku Bomberman (Bomberman 64)

Sirius (シリウス)

A mysterious warrior who tests Bomberman's skill. The Bomb Kick and Bomb Throw are his standard attacks. Is he Bomberman's friend or foe?

from Bomberman 64 American manual


Altair (アルタイル)

The insane owner of the Omni Cube who attacked Planet Bomber. He throws powerful attacks with a ship called Vega.

from Bomberman 64 American manual

has a servant robot called Vega (ベガ)


Regulus (レグルス)

He uses a Bomb Kick and charges at you. If you're hit, there's no chance to survive.

from Bomberman 64 American manual


Haut (ハウト) / Orion

He usually attacks with a Bomb Kick. He's a harsh individual who paralyzes Bomberman with his shock barrier and runs away from the arena.

from Bomberman 64 American manual


Capella (カペラ) / Artemis

She is tough to beat as she throws three fire balls simultaneously. Get close to her and fight!

from Bomberman 64 American manual




Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Puipui (ぷいぷい)


Pegii Jr. (ペギ一 Jr)


Mami (まみ)


Ruisha (レウイシア)


Denta (伝太)


Rajibom (ラヅボン)


Pump (パンプ)


Deral (デラル)


Pocket Bomberman - Wars - World

Bomber King yadda yadda


Dark Force Bombers

[what's the deal?]

Earth Bomber (アースボンバー)


Cyclone Bomber (サイクロンボンバー)


Fire Bomber (ファイヤーボンバー)


Aqua Bomber (アクアボンバー)


Dark Bomber (ダークボンバー)

Appears to just be Bagular again.


Bomberman Hero

Millian Oujo (ミリアン王女)


Pipotto (ピポット)


Nitros (ニトロス)


Endol (エンドル)



Baruda (バルーダ)



Bolban (ボルバン)



Nechia (ネチア) / Katina



Devil Bomber (デビルボンバー)

final final boss apparently, from GB3? Verified when I start covering the game!


Bomberman Quest

Four Commanders (コマンダー4人衆)

Assumedly led by Chaos Bomber, they are a group of thieves who have a run-in with Bomberman when they steal the engines to his shuttle, allowing the imprisoned monsters to escape and prompting him to set out and recapture them all, along with his engines. They don't take Bomberman seriously, which implies simple cockiness or being unaware of him, implying there is no ulterior motive behind their thievery besides Chaos Bomber's revenge for when the rest of his crew are defeated. Their outfits are all themed around archetypical samurai and ninja costumes, with fishnets, shuriken belts, shoulder pads and representative crests on their helmets.


Water Commander (ウォーターコマンダー)

The only female member of the Commanders, she is very strong-willed and specializes in infiltration techniques. Able to manipulate water at will. Prefers to use Rubber Bombs.

American manual

Young girl who puts out bombs with water.

Monster List description

"Hi there, cutie! Did you see my singles ad and come looking for me?"

Bomberman Quest; introducing herself to Bomberman

A spunky young girl on the lookout for a good-looking man to claim as her own. She's light-hearted and jovial, though considers Bomberman a bore due to his chaste nature; she makes the best of every scenario, it seems, flirting with any man she sees and then blowing them up if they're not her type. Despite the shallow persona, she's a dangerous force, using the unpredictable nature of her Rubber Bombs to her advantage, though it's all too capable of backfiring on her. The artwork portrays her with a katana sheath on her back, though she never actually uses it.


Electro Commander (エレキコマンダー)

The smartest of the Four Commanders, he is their strategist. Able to manipulate electricity at will. Attacks by discharging 3 balls of energy that chase their targets.

American manual

Shoots out bolts of electricity that chase his enemies. A powerful enemy (?).

Monster List description

"No! This is my engine! You can't have it! Leave me alone!"

Bomberman Quest; throwing a hissy fit when Bomberman politely asks for his shuttle engine back

Although informed to be the smartest of the team, his dialogue give the impression of a whiny child more than anything, blaming Bomberman for ruining his fun just by entering his chamber. He is a rather nasty foe, so I guess that makes up for his rather childish display of emotion.


Hurricane Commander (ハリケーンコマンダー) / Hurricommander

Proud and a little narcissistic. Likes to get things done and see a plan through to its completion. Able to manipulate bombs at will, and can cause waterspouts and tornadoes to form. Also uses Search Bombs.

American manual

Moves by flying through the air and attacks with tornadoes and bombs.

Monster List description

"I hope you don't honestly think you can defeat me. I suggest you go back now--while you still can..."

Bomberman Quest; introducing himself to Bomberman

Cocky and stuck-up, he's a traditional self-confident antagonist who looks down upon Bomberman, though given the fact he can fly and has control over wind, I guess he's allowed to be proud of it. If anything, he does have the decency to allow Bomberman to leave rather than force him into a fight, though Bomberman's big mouth ruins that first option for himself.

Hurricane's name was shortened in the English version likely because of space concerns - "Hurricane Commander" is 19 letters long, whereas the game can only display 16 on one row.


Burning Commander (バーニングコマンダー) / Pyro Commander

Relaxed and laid back, he is the strongest of the commanders. His job is to carry around all of the items the Commanders steal.

American manual

Moves through the air, and attacks enemies by shooting fire and razor blades from its hands.

Monster List description

"What're you doing here? You want something from me? [...] I haven't done anything... Why do you want to fight with me?"

first line of dialogue

Pyro's dialogue gives the implication that either he's playing dumb to strike sympathy from Bomberman, or he legitimately thinks what he's doing isn't bad. Either way, he's friggin' lethal and easily the most dangerous of the Commanders in terms of armaments.


Chaos Bomber (カオスボンバー)

"Suddenly, an ominous shadow fell across the Bomber Shuttle, Bomberman's true enemy... The Chaos Bomber!"

narration's introduction

"You defeated my commanders--I'm impressed. Not bad for a little kid! [...] You have no idea who you're dealing with! A little boy like you is no match for my Chaos Power!"

Bomberman Quest;

The master of the otherwise undefined Chaos Power, Chaos Bomber can create bombs anywhere he pleases, sweep the land with energy waves and more. Naturally, he believes there is no match for him and his supernatural skills; although impressed that Bombeman defeated his team, he still derides him as a mere child. And then he has his ass whipped and is never seen again. How ironic.


Bomberman Generation

Crush Bombers

[what's the deal?]


Megaton Bomber


Beauty Bomber


Eagle Bomber


Assault Bomber


Bomber Elite